Who’s it for?

Zimdi is aimed at web agencies of any size. Typically the system will be geared towards agencies of around 3-15 people. But whether you’re a freelancer or a large city agency, we hope Zimdi will rock your world.

Frustrations of other systems

Zimdi was born out of the frustrations of using other systems. Don’t get us wrong, there are a ton of excellent project management systems out there geared towards web agencies, but none of them ticked all the boxes for us.

Other systems too generic

Zimdi isn’t trying to be a generic system, it was created explicitly for web agencies and we’ll be including functionality that is geared specifically towards our wonderful industry.

Using Zimdi means you get to keep all your web agency information in one place

Centralised system (not decentralised)

Zimdi is a centralised system, which means we have one central database and all the functionality you need in one place. You could, no doubt, get close to the functionality of Zimdi if you were to sign-up for multiple SaaS web apps, but they wouldn’t talk to each other nicely and reporting for business intelligence would be a lot of work!

Using Zimdi means you get to keep all your web agency information in one place with easy to use dashboards that tell you precisely what you need.

Categorise projects correctly

Having run a web agency ourselves, we understand that you’ll typically do many billable projects which all relate to the same website. Zimdi understands this and is going to make managing these projects much easier for you. We can’t wait to show you this part of the system!

Milestones and deadlines not the same thing

Then there are the silly things that have always bugged us that Zimdi solves. For example, a milestone and a deadline are not the same thing. A deadline can’t move, but a milestone could. We give you ways of knowing what a milestone is for and whether it’s set in stone.

There are loads of little simple things like this that we believe will make your life easier and we’re committed to continually developing Zimdi to make it the best web agency management system. So if you have an idea for Zimdi, please do share it with us – as there’s a good chance we’ll implement it!

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